Condo Renovation

Location: Toronto, Canada
Type: Residential Renovation
Year: 2015

The client wanted to renovate his existing 1000 SQFT Condo. Entertaining was the key component for the space. Grouping the Living/Sitting, Dining and Kitchen in an open plan with easy access to the balcony provided good communication between spaces . The balcony door was moved and replaced to allow a niche for barbecuing. The design enabled clear sight lines towards main the northern view (top of page).

Condo Sketch Plan 1        Condo Sketch Plan 2


Condo kitchen
Condo Kitchen

The Kitchen was designed with a wine/ coffee bar bistro theme. Reclaimed shipping crates gave texture to the kitchen upper cabinets whereas the quartz counters and stainless steel appliances gave the space a refinement. A window seat made from the same wood as the crates can double as low shelf.


Condo Living Room
Condo Living Room

The Living Room is very light and airy. The new contemporary styled fireplace adds a focal point creating a solid and void juxtaposition that highlights the view beyond.


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