Parisian Apartment Renovation

Location: Paris, France Type: Residential Renovation Year: 2014 The 1920s apartment was in a poorly state. It was a warren of bedsits and small lavatories. The brief was to create a single family apartment. The tall windows, fireplaces and 3.7m ceilings are to have their sense of place once again. open modern kitchen   Dining … More Parisian Apartment Renovation


Condo Renovation

Location: Toronto, Canada Type: Residential Renovation Year: 2015 The client wanted to renovate his existing 1000 SQFT Condo. Entertaining was the key component for the space. Grouping the Living/Sitting, Dining and Kitchen in an open plan with easy access to the balcony provided good communication between spaces . The balcony door was moved and replaced to allow … More Condo Renovation