1920 Parisian Apartment Renovation

Location: Paris, France
Type: Residential Renovation
Year: 2014

The 1920s apartment was in a poorly state. It was a warren of bedsits and small lavatories. The brief was to create a single family apartment. The tall windows, fireplaces and 3.7m ceilings  have their sense of place once again. The space takes advantage of the natural light, creating an open and airy feel.

01-1 proposed plan rue dante

kitchen final

open modern Kitchen: includes a Pantry style storage wall, modern appliances, kitchen island with raised breakfast bar seating.


01-1404 dining room

Dining area has an original fireplace.  The built-in storage, same as kitchen side, is within easy access of the dining table.  Butlers Pantry and Sitting area beyond.


01-1404 butlers

Butlers Pantry is nestled between the Dining and Sitting areas. It is also a in the perfect location to double as a Wet Bar for entertaining.


library final

Library wall with ladder within the Sitting area


01-1404 liv final

The Sitting area enjoys a focal point of an original fireplace.


master 95

Chanel perfume inspired Master Bedroom. Built-in closet with rolling ladder adds lots of  vertical storage space.


01-1404 floor plan

3d plan overall view of apartment.


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