Home Office Renovation

Location: Saudi Arabia
Type: Residential Renovation
Year 2015

The client had an odd shaped room that needed a purpose. The room was 3m x 4m and 5m high with access to the roof top. The room was required to work around a new stair access, existing windows and doorways.

The room was situated off a living room area and adjacent to a grand stair to the lower levels. A home office seemed to be a good solution.

desk area

The main area of the space has a office work area. A large existing opening floods the area with indirect light from the grand staircase. A contemporary jali was used as a translucent screen within that opening.


under stairs

Under the stair is a nook for a relaxation area. The void under the landing provided an area for audio and gaming equipment that was concealed by the flat screen television. Accessible via a pivoting arm.

Built-in shelving wraps around the perimeter of the stair. The reflective properties of the jali embellishes the wall behind the shelving area blurring the location of the existing windows and enhancing the light.



At the top of the stair, a jali screen slides to provide access to the roof top , while creating a secluded reading mezzanine.


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